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Systemic Health: 5 Things Dental Hygienists Should Be Talking About

For most patients, home-care tips go a long way in preventing diseases in the mouth. The physical, mechanical removal of plaque and bacteria is important to promote for oral health, and it also lays the foundation for promoting overall health. Brushing, cleaning interdentally, and rinsing are the backbone of hygiene education. If our patients implemented these three things into their...

8 Reasons to Stop Being a Clinical Dental Hygienist

Gasp. You mean some people become hygienists, and they don’t like it? There. I said it. Because no one seems to want to talk about it. Sometimes we just need some time away from the polish, scale, floss, educate, schedule, wipe, repeat. A break. A vacation. And, sometimes it’s something more. And, that’s scary! Believe it or not, some people go to school to...